PBX4Wireless and Mobile Office Automation

PBX4Wireless and Office Automation Solutions Office technology and business communications automation is going wireless. Development and planning an integrated wireless phone extensions as well as cellular phones in to your business phone system can be confusing. INC has a simple solution today. Intelligent Network Communications (INC) would like to introduce it VTB Hosted PBX Solutions allowing your office to Go Wireless. PBX4wireless allows your Company to use its employee’s mobile phone as their office extension. You control the calls on-line – turning on/off extensions, forwarding calls and always have the ability to find them with Follow-me options. VoIP Talk box offers wireless IP extension phones and portable IP phones as well.

How does is work!

Calls are process through the Virtual PBX then routed seamlessly to your employees’ wireless IP phone, cellular phone number or via WIFI to the Cellular phone with our SIP soft phone Apps (Smartphone required). Why buy your employees an office phone and cellular phone, merge them. This program is perfect for real estate, Construction Company, campus environments companies or any business on the move. Need a cost effect Mobile service – contact us click here or Sales@Talk2INC.com Communications for your business and its image! Remember a good phone system is one you control, not one that controls you!

Multi location - Control it and automate it! Cloud based Hosted IP PBX Why buy a system! Go Virtual and reduce your cost up to 50%. This program has many advantages compared to traditional phone systems. Using dedicated internet, you can build an advanced or basic phone systems on-line. You manage it and control it. VTB Cloud based Hosted PBX allows you setup one office or 1000 offices through our online virtual system administrator.

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