Hosted IP PBX Features

IP Extensions Phone compatible

Feature Management

IVR Auto Attendants multi-stage

Music On Hold (Customizable)

Time of Day Routing

You can manage DIDs and Inbound Routes

Call Failover and follow-me

Ring Groups

Location or Account

Complete CDR Management

Fax Management

EMail service

Advanced Follow-me for Mobile/Cellular Phones

One Bill! One System!

Solutions you can manage!

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VTB Cloud-Based IP-PBX

Today's business communication models demand outsourcing, especially regarding the integrity of your telephone system. Communication technology help provides the greatest possibilities to success, but let's face it. It's an enormous headache. TCC’s business VoIP solutions and hosted Cloud Voip IP-PBX, you can pass that hassle to us who's trained and specialized at making your phone system the best it can be. INC offerings are designed to help the small to large business manage voice communications, mobile, fax and email. We offer direct VoIP calling and a SIP-based VoIP apps fully integrated into our cloud-based affordable and feature-rich Hosted IP-PBX

Our strategic plan is to offer a cost-efficient and cutting-edge telecom solution in ‘the cloud’ as an affordable resource for consumers as a SMB. Our Hosted PBX is the perfect offering for customers who not only are conducting domestic business, but are also dealing with the global offices and consumers. If your business has one or more locations, IP telephony and VoIP offers a cost-effective solution for your business telecom needs. Our Virtual Cloud hosted IP-PBX offering is another example of products that we believe will enhance the organic growth of your voice services in your business.

VTB Cloud-Based IP-PBX offering allows small and medium-sized businesses (SMB) to move beyond conventional telephony into the increasingly popular VoIP world. This redundant network program allows you to connect and management your company global telecom presence.

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